Why Is My Furnace Not Working And How Do I Fix It?

Temperatures in New York can dip to negative digits in winter, and if a furnace stops working when it is freezing outside, it is a problem. It is frustrating when the furnace breaks down in the middle of the winter season. It can be avoided by calling maintenance services beforehand, but fret not; we are here to help you!

Below are DIY quick fixes to repair your malfunctioning furnace. Our furnace repair experts in Yaphank are here for any furnace issues you can’t fix yourself:

Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace System Is Not Working

  • Issues with the thermostat

A thermostat helps you control the furnace and operate the HVAC system at desired temperatures. However, it might need to be fixed if there is an issue with the electrical wires connecting the thermostat and furnace system.

Sometimes, it can be due to improper settings that might have been changed mistakenly. So, check the thermostat settings before calling the heating repair in Yaphank.

  • Gas line problems

You must ensure the gas line is open and clean if you have a gas-powered furnace system. Obstructions in the gas line can affect the heating process, and the combustion chamber does not receive enough gas to begin.

It’s best to be vigilant about the health of the gas pipe to avoid gas leakage. Immediately call the technician if you hear a hissing noise or if the gas pipe has deteriorated.

  • Power switch issue

A power switch inside the furnace system shuts down the system. It is even in the gas-powered furnace system, so ensure the switch is on. Moreover, take a glance at the circuit breaker and check if it is switched down or not. It switches and shuts down the system if the equipment draws more electricity than its capacity.

  • Obstruction in the ductwork

Ducts help to move the air from the HVAC system to your residence and vice versa. However, issues in the ductwork will leave your residence uncomfortable. Deteriorated ducts and cracks in the joints can lead the air to escape into the outer environment, freezing you in the cold.

  • Clogged air filter

Our furnace replacement experts in Yaphank advise the residents to replace their air filters before the winter season starts. Air filters extract the air indoors, and the furnace transfers the heat to the collected air.

Dust and dirt affect the process, and the furnace receives less air than expected. So, if you receive inefficient air from a dirty air filter, it might be your fault, not your furnace system’s fault.

  • Malfunctioning ignition sensor

The pilot light or ignition sensor malfunctioning is the second most common reason a furnace system stops working. If you hear clicking sounds from the furnace system, you need to call the repair technician to repair the ignition sensor.

Expert Guide To Fixing The Malfunctioning Furnace System

Here are the steps that you can troubleshoot your malfunctioning furnace system:

  • Check the thermostat settings and replace the batteries if you last replaced them a while ago.
  • Examine the shutoff switches and circuit breakers.
  • Replace the air filter if it is dirty and dusty.
  • Ensure the gas is on.
  • Inspect the exhaust flue and call the heating repair technician in Yaphank if it is dirty.
  • Flush the drain pipe.
  • Check the ductwork and report if there are any inconsistencies.
  • Clean the surroundings to prevent foliage and other small objects from interfering with the furnace.


It is best to call a technician if the issue is complicated to resolve without a technician’s assistance. Our technician will inspect the system and find the fault causing the trouble in your residence. Best Temp Central offers various world-class HVAC services at reasonable prices. Call (631) 266-5968 today!