Why Isn’t The House Cooling Even Though My AC Is Running?

It can be frustrating when your AC seems to be running, when you sense your home not cooling down. Perhaps you can hear the AC is running as it should or feel air coming from the vents, but you’re still wondering why your house is so hot.

The issue could have two possible causes. Your home can be a problem since environmental variables like poor insulation and a lack of shade might interfere with the operation of your AC. However, there can be a problem with the AC itself.

Causes of hot air flowing from your air conditioner:

Faulty thermostat settings

If your AC is not cooling, you should examine the thermostat’s operation. If your air conditioner first sends out cool air, then lukewarm air, there is a problem. Change the thermostat to automatic. In this manner, the fan only operates during the cooling of the air or AC is running.

Defective motors

The outside unit’s inability to release heat will interfere with an air conditioner’s capacity to cool down if the fan’s motor is damaged or malfunctioning. Call a specialist for AC repair in Yaphank.

Wrong size AC

The air conditioner won’t cool your space effectively if it isn’t appropriately sized. A small AC will make you sweat even when the AC is on. Contact a specialist for AC maintenance Yaphank as quickly as possible.

Duct leaks

Ducts should also be checked, in addition to size difficulties. Perhaps you’re wondering why your house is so hot. Cooled air isn’t getting to all the rooms due to faulty ducts. Uneven heating is a significant sign that vents or ducts are the issues. To stop leaks, tape them up with duct tape.

Damaged compressor

A compressors is an essential part of an air conditioner because it controls refrigerant flow between the condenser and evaporator. As a result, a damaged condenser cannot adequately cool the air. You must replace a broken compressor. Hire a qualified expert for AC maintenance in Yaphank.

Dirty exterior unit

The air conditioning system cannot be adequately cool if the condenser is clogged. Clearing the weeds and dirt around the condenser may clean it and give it plenty of breathing space. Get your air conditioning equipment fixed and maintained regularly to prevent paying high air conditioner maintenance costs.

Low level of refrigerant

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling, there may be a leak in the refrigerant system. To avoid this issue, have routine AC maintenance performed. Signs of this problem includes hissing or bubbling sounds and an accumulation of ice on the outdoor unit.

Dirty air filter

Dirty air filters are the most frequent cause of air conditioners failing to chill. Several issues could arise if the AC filter is dirty or blocked with dust and debris. It might prevent the thermostat from operating as it should.

Warm and cool air cannot move through the ducts because of dirt in the AC filters. Additionally, it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze, obstructing the outlet’s ability to release cool air. It is recommended to have the AC filter checked and replaced with a new one if it is clogged.


It is advised that you gets your AC equipment serviced and maintained by a professional to keep it operating all year. Are you unsure of how frequently your air conditioner has to be serviced? To improve the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner, have it done every three months.

An unmaintained AC system struggles to chill your home adequately and can increase your electricity bills. Contact Best Temp Central at  for AC repair in Yaphank.